Our Services.

Wide Spectrum of Services

Our products and services include onshore and offshore logistics, construction, engineering and consultancy services, procurement ,product marketing and trade

Waste Management Services

Waste Management, Environmental Remediation and Water Treatment

We waste management services includes:

  • Cleaning of solid & liquid drilling waste.
  • Environmental and soil remediation services
  • Treatment of contaminated water bodies and
  • Waste transportation and disposal

To enhance your operational efficiency and optimise your output, we have a dedicated team of tank cleaners. We eliminate the pollutants, sludge and other build up substance from your tanks with advanced physical, thermal and chemical processes. This enhances the life span of the tank and promotes the health of your staff.

Engineering Services

Because organizational change is generated through projects, capable project and programme management are key to ongoing success. Our projects delivery service focuses on your business outcomes, not just finishing the job on time and on budget. Our team of engineering and project management professionals, are able to support in front-end engineering design, installation and on-site construction works. Also, our team has delivered high-end results for clients in the area of machine and equipment servicing for optimal performance.

Procurement & Logistics


Logistics matches the needs of import and export companies around the world providing complex supply chain management solutions for major groups and international shipment services. Its global offer is built around its comprehensive and integrated expertise in five services:

  • Multimodal transport
  • Customs and regulatory compliance
  • Logistics
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Industrial projects


Outsourcing your procurement function can be a worrying thought especially when your business relies upon suppliers providing the highest quality goods and services for your operations.

At AOG, our procurement managers will operate closely with your staff to ensure nothing gets in the way to provide exactly what is required to meet your specifications.

Through our network of reputable partners and suppliers, we are able to source and procure oilfield specialty equipment. We continuously update our database to ensure availability, reliability and cost competitiveness.

Trade Services

Starting with DPK, AOG has been trading finished products with PMS traded quantities of 70,000 metric tons.

Our trade desk is staffed by highly trained professionals who ensure that trading operations go as smoothly as possible.

Consultancy Services

QA/QC Services

Our clients engage AOG to monitor operations and test outputs to ensure consistent quality by identifying errors and opportunities to improve this ensuring functionality, performance and security while removing risk of brand-damaging defects.


We can perform your auditing with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency and accuracy. In addition to giving you peace of mind that your processes are fully compliant with statutory requirements and your in-house policies.

We can use the process to help identify strengths and weaknesses in your business processes and suggest ways of improving them

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